28 December 2007

Soft opening!

I don't quite know what a soft opening is supposed to be...okay, the Palazzo's closed except for invited guests, but there are walls missing paint and some receptacles without covers, and rooms not even close to being finished. It's not even all the way finished. I can't imagine that being impressive at all, but I guess it means something to be "invited" to the newest hotel-resort-casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Whatever. That kind of thing doesn't mean shit to me. All I'm happy about is the fact that more than likely, our shifts might become a little more normal.

Grand opening is supposed to be 17-19 January, and Barney's New York is plastering ads all over the place. I hope we make the date. There's supposed to be a kickass fireworks show from the roof of the Palazzo upon opening, I'd kinda like to see it but I'm sure I'd see a better version on YouTube anyway. Wow I'm negative today.

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