28 January 2008

Remo and Cosette.

So...Amme finalised a name for her newest little one (very cute!) and Remo got in a traffic accident. I'm not sure the whole story, but he wound up running a red light and hitting two cars. He was really disoriented when my dad went to pick him up, so they called the ambulance back to take him to the hospital. Oddly, baby Jack slept right through it, and only woke up when people started freaking out over him.

The hospital did x-rays, and a CT of the brain, the latter showing signs of a stroke. It's not exactly a surprise, my sister and I both have blood disorders so it's really natural that my brother start exhibiting signs as well. They tried ordering an MRI but sent him home instead, to follow up with one later. Now that actually pisses me off: something like 43% of all TIAs "disappear" in under 24 hours after the event. It could be that by the time his insurance approves the MRI, there won't be anything there.

But I am really pushing him to get it nonetheless, and to get bloodwork done too, to see if he's got a blood disorder. It's imperative that they find it so that he can be treated. Strokes are scary things, and I was a little younger than him when I had my first event. Hope it works out.

But to end this on a happy note: yay for Cosette!

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