14 January 2008


My mom's friend contacted me about an electrical problem in her house, and wants me to work on it…I've never done electrical work other than in my own house or on the job and I'm nervous about doing it. I asked her what the problem was so that I could try to troubleshoot and bounce my ideas off some people at work.

She said that the surge protector in her daughter's room sparked, and that all the receptacles no longer work. I figured that one out; probably the breaker's been tripped, maybe hard enough to need to replacement. The second issue was that her son's room is without any power to the receptacles. I'm not sure what that is, maybe a breaker but she said it's been that way for quite awhile. Honestly I might not be able to figure it out till I get there.

I asked Tom, and Snow, and Gwynne and they gave me their input. It was good to hear that my idea was also theirs, as far as the daughter's room was concerned. Snow asked where the house was, and I told him, and he actually offered to come with me to help! He said it would be like a training exercise, he'd make me do all the work, and he'd help me work out the problems, but he won't do it for me. Which is awesome. We'll meet up at the house this weekend...nervous but excited.

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