05 December 2007

Kelb per fluvo nameni gesse!

(The title of this post means absolutely nothing.)

We've been working on the bathroom a little all week...Tannah did the clear coat tonight (stain looks great: dark in the grain, so it looks like zebrawood), then reassemble the cabinets Thursday maybe, then this weekend we're going to paint bathroom.

We did Adam's annual birthday bash at Hofbräuhaus a few days ago. This year he actually made reservations, so we weren't stuck going to the Pink Taco again. That place was overpriced and pretentious. But as I love German food, I had to go, even though I was so very exhausted. I even drunk-texted Drew about the not-so-hot Jägerwench.

Everyone at work is exhausted and sick. There are lots of minor job accidents like drilling screws into fingers and falling off ladders, because everyone's like a zombie. So when something doesn't go right people get crazy. I know we're here extra hours to get stuff done but its actually lowering production, and raising heart rates. It's okay though, Palazzo will open eventually and it'll be over.

Graduation is 17 May! And it's a formal dinner, so I have to get a dress...a real one. A little scared about turning out, but a huge pay raise with that, & my foreman said he's giving me an apprentice. (I'm not looking forward to that part at all.) But I'm hoping I'll learn more in the coming months, enough to be okay.

I can't wait till I get a day off sleep. Just a whole day of it. There's not enough time for anything anymore.

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