17 December 2007

Nellis AFB: going green.

I'm so stoked about this: a very sexy photovoltaic system at Nellis Air Force Base not even a half-hour from my house. The opening ceremony was today, with the governer present and everything. I think it's great that the armed forces are choosing to utilise the power of the sun to help offset power consumption. It's a 14 megawatt system, which is the largest in the US (if I remember correctly)...

It's just so exciting! My study-buddy Cliff (who took PV 1 in September or so and is taking PV 2 with me in March) geeks out about solar power just as much as me, and we hide the latest PV news and magazine articles behind out school books and kind of salivate over it all. He wanted to transfer to the Nellis job so bad, but he hadn't taken PV 2 yet at that point, and wasn't NABCEP certified, but once he's a journeyman he'll be good to go and so long as he stays with Bombard he might get to be in on some kickass jobs in the future.

Yay for photovoltaics! Yay for Nellis Air Force Base! Yay for Bombard Renewable Energy Division! Yay for IBEW!

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