16 December 2007

Solar joy!

At Tannah's Christmas party, the general manager walked up, very interested in PV, it was awesome to be able to talk about solar! Gave him info for installation, rebate facts, all kinds of goodies, and he would like me to send him links. Off the top of my head, I sent Solar NV, American Solar Energy Society, Fat Spaniel, and Solar Generations. It’s a start.

And I cant believe I haven’t gotten Christmas cards out yet!! But to combat that, a funny: working with a 1st year that just pulled two tours in Iraq and he said that life in the military was easier than this apprenticeship. What's really funny is I know two ex-Marines, an ex-Airman, another ex-Soldier and 1 ex-Seaman (who was an ex marine before joining the Navy) who all served in wartime and they say the same thing...

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