11 December 2007

It's cold like death.

We're on the roof, it's fucking cold. We're doing the external hook ups for the air handling units and honestly, it's bad enough that it's the middle of December but it's windy too. Granted, this year I invested in a pair of Carhartt coveralls, which is so very very nice. Just as I wrote on my apprentice review:

"My Carhartts are like a warm May afternoon while everyone else suffers in the icy tundra. Plus, they're sexy!"

In reality they aren't at all sexy, I look like a gingerbread man in them. It's hard to find a 26" inseam. But on an up-note, a foreman named Larry (who has the reputation for perving out) brought in pains au chocolat!! They made me miss France but it was so yummy. It was my only joy in a day with no time for anything.

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