26 December 2007

Christmas was...okay.

I woke up so exhausted, had to be at the in-laws by no later than 05h00. Christmas Eve we had a party for family: those two days were my only days off and will be the only days off till New Year's Day. But anyway, it was all a blur: family, coffee, gifts, coffee...coffee...

Tannah got me something I totally didn't expect: original artwork from the online comic Sheldon. It was one about Sheldon and his talking duck Arthur glorifying the German word for the number five: fünf. I'm sorry, "fünf" is an awesome word, full of excitement and fun to say. I also got a gift card that will definitely come in handy, and stickers and and and...it was good. :)

So we were at the in-laws' house at about 04h45, then my parents' house at around 10h00, then back to our place for an hour to love the Pepper, then Tannah's grandparents' house at around 17h00, then back home by 20h00. Busy, exhausting, but good to see everyone.

I did manage to ruin things at my parents' house though, basically everyone was in the living room talking about baby stuff and well, being childless I went to the kitchen to eat some banana-nut bread, and got the lovely idea that I could text "Happy Christmas" to my overseas friends. (There's only a small window in which I can send texts overseas, otherwise it's in the middle of the night.) I wound up pissing off my dad, he thought I was being rude and that my friends mean more than family. That's not at all true, and I think it's unfair that the assumption was made, but I can't change his mind. All I could do was put the phone away and make a mental note to try not to use it in front of him anymore. The thing is, Tannah also thinks texting is rude...I don't understand.
But all in all, it was good for the most part. I do love my family, after all.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't ruin things at your parents' house. It was rude of the rest of us to have a conversation that you felt left out of. It was a great day and you were a large part of that. You should always feel free to contact your friends from our (which will ALWAYS be yours too) home.
Loves - Mom