25 September 2006

Time to get the steward involved.

Mondays we have our safety meetings. And I've been with Bombard for so long I think I've actually heard all of them, some of them a few times. After the official meetings, the foreman usually opens up the floor for anyone to bring up questions or concerns about anything safety related on the job, or if someone's sick or whatever, taking a collection, got hurt on the job...whatever.

Wating for the elevator I heard from three separate journeymen from Les' crew that he made jokes about "some girl who got hung up on a hot and a neutral wire". This, complete with sound effects and seizure-like movements and a comment about being too stupid to flip the breaker off. For one thing, Les is a compulsive liar, I'm certain of it. Aside from that, his "jokes" just go too far. When I was missing work for doctor appointments, even when I brought in notes he still said things like, "Man, I hope it's something good like a brain tumour, or else you're wasting everyone's time." So, instead of punching him in the jaw, as it's a felony to physically attack somone above the third floor of a high-rise here, I called the steward and reported the whole damn thing, all of it, from the moment the power was turned on until Les' idiotic and unprofessional joke. The steward has his own opinions on Les, and he said as an apprentice I need to take it to the apprenticeship committee, just so its documented. That way if it continues to get out of hand, I'll be covered. Les needs to keep his damn mouth shut, and Julian needs to quit trying to corner me in empty rooms and...get this...he actually "pretends" to be giving me a task when someone walks in. Creepy. I mean, Les annoys me, and I never wqant to work for him again. But Julian is a whole other breed. So Wednesday, before class, I'll make a report for the JATC.

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