21 September 2006

Not even cool:

You know, it's one thing to get bit, but this is a massive lack of communication, and if it's something deeper, I'm not sure I even want to be a part of it.

Today my crew was making connections for switches and power in boxes for headboards in all the rooms. Julian's crew (my old crew before I got transferred) was consistantly on the floor below us, hot-checking. (It means turning all the power on and making sure all the lights come on, all the outlets work, etc.) Well I was the only one left on the floor before break, and I heard Julian say to his guys "We're going to be down here after lunch" and he gave one of his famous pep-talks. I knew I had a few hours at least and I was only going to be another fifteen minutes or so, and I didn't even think about it. But in the last room, making up the last box, I got shocked, i felt it just barely, just for a sec, and I saw the lights come on and I was like, what the hell? No one warned us. I went out and looked around and one of the journeymen came out of the electrical room, and he gave me a quizzical look and was like "What's up?" and I said "Iwas in a box making a connection, did you turn the power on?" and he said "I was told the floor was clear" and I was like, "Well, it wasn't" and he apologized and looked upset, he wanted to make sure I was okay etc. but i was fine. I didn't make an official report since he was sorry and because I wasn't hurt, and it was an accident. but I was irritated so I told John and Mike, two journeymen on my crew, and they told my foreman Devar. He didnt make a report since I asked him not to, but he told Julian to please be more thorough checking since I got shocked. And it's good everyone's looking out for me but I can just see where this is going to lead.

Note: Just so everyone's aware, before Julian's crew was on hot-check and our crew was doing it, this couldn't have happened. We all had our own rooms, we turned them on and off as we needed to. I know there are breaker locks available but still, sometimes it can get incredibly ridiculous. People die from freak accidents, and if my left hand would have been touching the junction box when the power came on, well...who knows.

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