22 September 2006

"So who's fault was it?"

Today Julian cornered me in a room and said, "Hey, I heard you got bit." I said, "Yeah, Thursday." He said, "It was your fault, you didn't tag out your breakers." I said, "It wasn't an energized floor." (He also tried comparing it to a remodel...wheich it wasn't, not even close.) He said, "It's time to quit playing games, you are a 4th year, you have to think like a journeyman now." And he spent the next 20 minutes berating me, basically, saying its for my own good and its because he cares about my safety (bullshit like that). Luckily I had a witness to the whole thing. He compared me to Keith Martin, a journeyman who was killed about a month after he graduated from the apprenticeship for "not being careful". (In reality, Keith was killed because the power company turned off the wrong transformer and assured him it was off. It was their fault, not his.) Julian also said that the floor was clear, so what was he implying? That I must have been fucking around? I found out from Devar and 2 other journeymen that Devar told him I was down there in a room, making a few last connections. So not only did Julian know I was there but he knew what I was doing. And he lied about it. What was he trying to do, teach me a lesson??

The thing is, when Devar went up to him and told him to leave me alone he gave this bunny-fluff story about he was just concerned for my well-being. Guys like him make me nervous. And now, I've caught him standing in doorways just eyeballing me. If my body is found chopped up in a closet, point detectives in his direction.

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