29 September 2006

I escaped "the Rock!"

Is it really any surprise?

I can't help but laugh. Usually we get our checks by 10h00 (break time) but Devar kept holding off, and I knew there was a pour but usually the foreman doesn't do pourwatch. So at just before noon he comes in and hands me my check and in with it was my transfer papers. So Monday at 06h00 at the end of the earth (no joke, where the roads end at the base of the damn mountain) I report to Bishop Gorman Catholic High School. I hope we work a normal schedule. I'd like a few 40-hour weeks for a change.

In other joyful news, Tannah and I (and Tannah's brother Mada) and going to Ohio for Thanksgiving! Tannah and Mada haven't seen their family there in 16 years. It's going to be a serious culture shock, they're already warning me about the lack of video poker machines and monolingual signs. I think I might survive for a few days, though: I'll bring my iPod, laptop, cell phone, Nintendo DS and Cybershot.


Dr. A said...

I always manage to forget one or more chargers for the iPod, etc - So, definitely don't forget those!

Iselyahna said...

Ooh, where in Ohio?