13 September 2006

E-mail woes.

Just a little irritated. I like e-mail as a whole; it's far less invasive than phone calls, and I use them as a primary resource to communicate with family and friends. Besides, I can actually think out what I want to say rather than stumbling over words so I don't say something foolish. (I have a tendency to allow my temper to flare on occasion, and with that come words of stupidity.)

The things I can't stand about e-mail are forwards and chain letters. Chain letters are obvious: I really don't believe I'll have a bad love life if I don't forward an e-mail to thirty people in thirty seconds. I don't think I'm guaranteed salvation if I send "special" Bible Scripture to everyone in my address book. Luck, love, happiness, money...they aren't dependent on how many people I can send an e-mail to. It's foolish in my opinion, and I delete them. I usually don't even finish reading them. As for e-mail forwards...technically, and legally, that's copyright infringement. (No, really: look it up.) I have all forwards blocked from my inbox for that reason, and if one slips through, I delete it. I admit...a very few of them are useful: the occasional warning of a scam or whatnot. However, there are so many tired hoaxes, silly jokes that we've all heard before, and calls for ridiculous boycotts, it's a complete waste of cyberspace. Aside from the legal aspect, my time is too valuable to spend weeding out that kind of bullshit, to be honest.

So...if no one could guess, I cleaned out my e-mail's inbox this evening.

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Dr. A said...

I hear you. I've debated in the past whether to change e-mail addresses every so often to avoid this stuff. I agree with you, spam is frustrating!