15 September 2006

"Horse D'Oeuvres"

Firstly, I'm a casual reader of web-comics. I'm a huge fan of It's Walky!, and, to a lesser extent, Shortpacked!. (Yeah, they both end in exclamation points. I'm not sure why. And if you actually get into David Willis' stuff, the cross-overs can get kind of confusing. Read more about that here.)

So, about the title of my post:

Wow...Penny Arcade (another web comic) is great for so many reasons, especially if you're into gaming. But their social commentary on the ontlandish ideas someone can get from the media--especially the Internet--is awesome. Case in point is this satirical edition published on Monday. And yes, I've tried posting it directly on here, but I can't get the sizing right; either it's too big and and it knocks everything else about, or it's too small and it can't be read. So anyway, enjoy:

Horse D'Oeuvres

(By the way: Anyone wondering where this came from can thank Willie Nelson.)

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