27 September 2006

...and the JATC.

First off, after I spoke to the steward, the rumour started that I was going to e-board Les for harassment. (E-board: as in, bring up on charges before the union.) I decided to let him think that. It got everyone off my back for awhile.

I spoke to an assistant director about the situation and I really hesitated bringing either foreman up by name. I didn't want to look like I was causing trouble or whining, but he insisted, so I did, but I asked that it go no further than documentation. He told me the proper steps to take if it got worse but I'm half-betting on a transfer, now, actually. I think I'll be able to sleep now that it's out, at least. I hate confrontation but I hate letting things go on even more. Sometimes I'm pretty pathetic.
School was regular I guess, another test next week, I got an 88% this last one, a C and I'm not happy about it. (At our school, a 75% is failing.) Plus, we have an inspection on the 17th floor at 11h00 and it's going to take alot out of everyone to get it to pass. Six of us can get headboards on a floor done in a 10-hour day if we hustle. But he's asking the headboards, the shelf lights, wallplates and owner-supplied fixtures in about four hours. Granted I think there will be about fifteen of us up there but still..."My ticket says 'electrician', not 'magician'..." and we'll either pass or fail it. Maybe we can get a partial, like all but the suites or something. Who knows.

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