08 November 2007


I was in the attic today and was marking some holes to cut into a junction box. First we cut into the ceiling and as I was in the attic, John held the box up over the holes, so that I could transfer the marks properly. Well in my zeal for making circles in pencil, my arm got caught on a torn metal stud. It pinched a little, I didn't even notice it was cut. But when I saw blood pooling onto the drywall, I crawled out to get a bandage out of the gangbox.

When i tried to stop bleeding the wound kept opening back up and leaking, so I went to the first aid trailer to see if they would have better luck...especially since I couldn't remember when I'd last gotten my tetanus shot. Once I got there, they called the safety coordinator for my contractor and I had to go to the off-site clinic. It was pretty lame, I didn't think I needed to go, but I can't really say no, either.

I wound up getting 6 stitches. :( The doc was a little weird, and he got a little crazy with the sutures (he made like 10 knots in each one). But the good thing is, the doc saw my scars and said most docs can easily tell if a cut is self-inflicted or not and he knew this one wasn't. So I won't be under suspicion, that's good. But it still hurts, and I have class tonight. Sadness.

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