28 November 2007

A remodel of our own.

We decided we're going to finally get our guest bathroom looking decent. The cabinets look awful, currently: painted almost black, several layers of it, and the previous owner had started (but never finished) to paint them white. We've put it off for over a year now, we're both sick of it. So we're going to strip the cabinets, and try to restain them a natural colour. We're putting a lot into it, we're probably going to repaint the walls as well. Our shower curtain is white with bright blue and green and yellow, so we got "Lettuce alone" green, something bright and happy. Maybe we'll put sunshine yellow towels in there, too. It'll look good.

My hope is that we'll get it done before Christmas but with all the time we're working plus school, I really don't know.

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