12 November 2007

An odd debate.

There's a debate at school that spilled out to work, and even my family has different views.

Moët & Chandon Champagne...Supposedly it's pronounced:

or....It's one of the last two except when with the "...et Chandon", then it's pronounced the first way, with the T because of the vowel E of "et" coming after.

But then.....Someone mentioned that in Northern and Central France, the T is dropped but in the South it's pronounced.

And finally, a website's view:

"If it been spelt Moet the pronunciation would have been mo-eh, with two distinct syllables and if followed by a vowel you can pronounce the ending T. The diaresis, or umlaut, however, is there to signify that all letters are to be pronounced just as if it
had been a feminine word, in which case it would have been spelt Moette. The same thing goes with the car Citroën. Had it been Citroen it would have ended with a nasal sound, but not now."

So....which is it?

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