21 November 2007


I'm working with two different JWs now: Jeff and Chris. Both organised in: Chris a year ago, and Jeff just this month. We're doing the VAVs for the Canyon Ranch Spa on the pool-deck level of the Palazzo. That's technically Gene's area, but he's overloaded so Drew is pimping us out to him. Working 12 hour days can suck but it'll help: hospital bills, Christmas, fees for upcoming exams...it's been awhile since I've relly worked time anyway.

I lost my badge this morning, totally pissed. I was sure I'd be completely screwed, and Drew (the quick thinker that he is) gave me the badge of a girl who had gotten fired months ago...looked nothing like me really but I had layered clothing and my hardhat so it worked till I got rebadged at 07h00. Venetian charged my contractor $25 for the new badge and Drew laughed and said "Uh oh, there goes payroll"...it was funny.

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