14 November 2007

Tongue healed! Plus I'm irritated.

About the tongue...the stud abandoned the original hole and nestled into the new one so it sits differently in my mouth now, but it no longer hurts. Very happy about that. Not to say it didn't suck, because it did, but I'm glad that aspect of it is over.

Still going to school multiple nights a week for hours at a time...exhausting. We were told that in a week or two we will start working 60 hours a week on top of that, and likely no holidays off. Great for my paycheck but little else. Maybe I can get those hospital bills paid off?

There's an apprentice at work who really gets to me. He's endlessly cocky, and I swear he's on amphetamines, he just bounces and makes random noises all the time, and gives me shit if I'm not sure how to do something, or if my beliefs aren't the same as his... et cetera. For instance, I told him I wasn't really into holidays and he asked what about Christmas and Easter and I kinda shrugged and he gave me this speech about how if I don't respect my Saviour then I'll be hellbound and he went on and on and I
just wanted to tell him that I was a heathen lesbian just so he'd be disgusted and shut up...luckily I don't have to work closely with him on a daily basis. I wish I could tell him that he's the reason that non-Christians think Christianity is a joke. But I don't think he'd believe me.

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