30 November 2007

I got whored out.

Not exactly...the call was put out to several foremen, asking if they could spare an apprentice to help out at the Palazzo today. Drew answered the call and sent me.

I was dispatched to Leon, a foreman under Snow. Leon put me with Shane for the day...oh, that was a trip. Shane's a very interesting individual. He's very anti-touchy, which is fine, but had no problem showing off his nipples. I couldn't help but laugh. His temper was also much fun to observe: it seemed that for the majority of our time together he was trying so hard not to freak out about, well, everything. (For instance, when he was cursing, then immediately apologising for it, when many horrible pokey things stabbed into him while we were in the very tight attic space.)

Mostly we pulled low-voltage cable for security cameras that had been forgotten, and that was fun. We ran through the rain on the Strip to Chipotle, where he bought me lunch: mmmmm, tacos. He even said something "questionable" over the radio to Leon, and that got Snow down to give us a talking-to...to which Shane replied with giving Snow a giant bear hug, and two other journeymen and I joined in that as well. It was hilarious to watch Snow look so uncomfortable.

One highlight of the day was when Shane and I ran down to P-1 to grab more cable for our pulls. Shane, being much taller than I (and addicted to energy shots), made the loops incredibly long, so much so that I was tripping over them as we went back up the stairs. He agreed to carry it up the stairs, and I could carry it across the casino. I agreed.

After Shane handed the cable to me, several tradesmen throughout the casino made shitty comments to Shane for "forcing that little girl" to carry all the heavy cable. We both thought it was funny, and he responded in kind. At one point, I succeeded in tripping over the cable loops and fell over. Shane ran over to me, quickly made sure I was okay, then pretended the beat me with his hard hat, screaming "You stupid girl! You stupid stupid girl! Bad apprentice! Bad!" I could scarcely hold back the tears, I'd not laughed so hard in months. The other tradesmen ran over to me, protectively, calling Shane names...it was great.

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