24 September 2008

The silliest phrase ever.

Let me give an example:

You and I sit down at a table in a restaurant. Even though we're a party of two, there is only one place setting. I offer to call the waiter for another place setting, but instead you prefer to quietly bitch about it and proceed to ruin the experience. You refuse to bring the waiter's attention to it, while you silently fume and swear to leave the shittiest tip ever--if at all. When, in exasperation, I ask why you don't just end the issue and ask for another place setting, your response is, "I shouldn't have to."

Well, whether you should or shouldn't is moot. A waiter isn't clairvoyant and I'm sorry, with all the things that can go on during anyone's workday, a missed place setting is pretty minor. We all make mistakes at work, at home, whatever. Just ask for a damn place setting. More than likely, the waiter will appreciate the heads-up and bring it immediately.

The bottom line: if you aren't getting the service you want, the attitude you want, the answer you want...if anything you desire or expect is missing...say something. You'll be happier for it, those with you will be happier for it, the world will be happier in every aspect. Worse than a complainer is someone who sits angrily while refusing to say why, even though it's both completely avoidable and easily remedied.

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rebturtle said...

He is dear, a man. And as one myself, I can completely sympathize with him. He has a good point, to a certain degree. Been there, done that, and almost assuredly will do it again .......even if you were right. ;)