14 September 2008


Really exhausted. I've done well to fuck up my sleep cycle and I'm trying to force it back to (my acceptable) normal. I can't fall asleep before 02h00 or so for the past few days, and having to be on site at 0600 tomorrow will really make it a very not-good Monday. This happened Friday night, when I sleepy but kept waking up and rolling around in bed. Woke up early Saturday, attended the annual IBEW picnic, then straight to my nephew's first birthday party, and I crashed for an hour. Bad idea. Wound up staying awake til 03h00 today, waking up at noon, and now it's all backwards again. Need to stay awake til at least 20h00 tonight or I'll hate myself tomorrow.

Gonna experiment with quinoa, I think. I've tried couscous and kasha--which are yummy--and I've expanded my rice intake from calrose (what we traditionally use for Asian cooking at home) to include jasmine, risotto, and wild rice. Now that I have time to cook again, I'm kind of experiencing a rebirth in cuisine, of sorts. There are these awesome Vietnamese wraps I want to try also: filled with rice noodles, shredded vegetables, egg, maybe some shrimp or meat. I tried them once and they were incredible. We'll see if I can pull it off. Now I need to get back into cooking German again...I achingly miss European food.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day. I won't get into it now but...I'm hoping for the best. :)

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