05 September 2008

Getting teased...

I don't know why, but today I was the victim of merciless (good-natured) teasing all day at work. First thing in the morning, I found my plastic work bucket attached to my cart with a multitude of self-tapping screws. I had to empty my bucket, use my drill to remove all the screws, and then sort everything out. Then one of the guys on my crew took one of the conical paper cups we use on-site, balled up some duct tape inside and placed it onto my hardhat. It was on for perhaps an hour before I noticed in; at first I thought it was some kind of dunce cap but I was instead told that I had been "coned". Later in the day, someone unraveled a length of rope and attached it to a hook, which they fastened to one of my back pockets. I have no idea how long I was wearing the tail before Papa G informed me of it. At one point, my hand tools were hidden around level 72' while I was away from my bucket, a joy for me to find. (I never did find my sidecutters, so I have to buy a pair this weekend.) Really not sure why all this is going on suddenly, I wasn't angry or anything of course...it made me laugh. But it is a bit odd.

In other news, it's official: I'm transferring to the solar job on 15 September. Elated and terrified at once; I guess we'll see what happens.

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Gadfly said...

Yeah... you have to expect some of that. The part about the tool going missing is the only thing worrisome. That is most likely an accident, and that's OK. As long as the (for a "normal" woman, and I say that with great respect -- insufferable teasing -- comes with respect -- you don't need to splat a shovel full of bedding mud over some misogynistic dipshit's head.

Solar project?" Cool!!