09 August 2008

Yeah, I got over it.

I profusely apologise for my idiotic pity party I last posted. I think it was somewhat hormonal.

Lots have been going on. In an attempt to raise our home's property value, we got it painted and landscaped (or, I should say "xeriscaped") and we ordered some rolling shutters. The guest bathroom is almost 100% remodeled and the master is next. Some new inside doors and maybe new blinds and that'll be all we can do for now. I keep hearing from everyone that it's well worth it; I sincerely hope it is.

I've been revising and updating prints again for the past few days and that should bring the crews up to speed...for now. The ASIs (changes) are so often it's ridiculous. We're getting a new ASI set about every 2 weeks. Plus, they're being released in a bizarre manner and being that I'm not in a supervisory position, I don't understand the whys behind it but for instance: we got ASI 38, 41, 39, 40, 42, a partial 44, and 43. All that since mid-June. Pages are missing, the indices are incorrectly labelled, some prints are duplicated and some are just so fucked...one page for Sky Lobby is printed twice, but something completely different printed on each. One is a single-line drawing and another is an enlarged electrical room. What the fuck yo. (In case anyone's wondering, I kept both in...just in case.)

Tannah's grandmother in Ohio died Tuesday. It was somewhat expected (she was very ill) but it happened way quicker than anyone could have guessed. She was given about 2 weeks and she died the next day. He's in Ohio now, attending the service and doing family things with his father and others. I only met her once, during Thanksgiving 2006 when Tannah, his brother and I all went out there. Glad I met her, but sad she's gone and that was about all the chance I'll have.

In the meantime I've caught a mild summer cold. It sucks.

We're getting more solar work; the array for the casino is back online, and we got the approval to put solar up on our contractor's main office now. I'm told I'll be really busy in PV coming up, which is great, I love renewables...but I found out one tiny little thing that has me in a panic: according to Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 618.936, anyone found installing or maintaining a photovoltaic system on anything other than what one owns and occupies as a residence shall be guilty of a misdemeanor if not licensed by the Nevada Division of Industrial Relations to do so. I know these PV jobs are coming up quick; there's only one person with our company that's currently got any licensing, and he's leaving in a few weeks for Europe; meaning that I'll need to have mine by then. Did I mention that I'm panicking?

On top of all that, I also have a class going on for the next 13-16 weeks, on Wednesdays, that will help me relax, stay grounded, and possibly even let me keep what sanity I've got left. Here's to hoping. :)

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rebturtle said...

Ugh. I have such a love/hate relationship with architects, engineers, and designers. Like getting a brand new set of prints and noticing mistakes at first glance. Like duplicate circuit numbers, or exit signs facing the wrong direction, electrical panels with 2' of clearance, etc. Everything always looks great in CAD, but implementing it is often harder. Add structural challenges, plumbing and HVAC equipment, and it often becomes a design-build project, whether it was bid that way or not.

My daughter brought me home a great cold as well. I worked half a day yesterday and slept from 7PM to 6AM with the help of NyQuil. Normally I shun modern medicine, but that stuff works wonders!