01 August 2008

A special night.

Blessed Lammas!

My good friend Ayla explained to me an excellent way to understand this harvest celebration. I feel it's even more powerful now because of today's total solar eclipse.

Ayla explained how the seeds that she's planted over the past year have come to fruition, and what she has reaped. I thought about it, and suddenly it makes so much sense. This is a holiday for reflection, so I also thought about the seeds I planted over this past year, and what I'll be harvesting.

I planted the seed of exploring my faith, and now I'm harvesting both joy in that and also trepidation; not all accept faiths different than their own.

I planted the seed of furthering my interest in photovoltaics, and after my first ASES convention, now I'm gearing up to take my state certification exam so that I might be of some help to my contractor as we start some of the new solar projects we bid on (and won!).

I planted the seed of health, in trying to eat more local, organic foods; in trying to heal myself with homeopathy and natural remedies; in trying to calm myself with meditation and aromatherapy. I'm not perfect, but I've come very far in wanting to cleanse my body and mind of unnecessary toxins.

It may not seem like a huge life-altering set of changes, but I'm glad to have been able to reflect on such things.

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