15 August 2008

Busy week...mostly PV related.

I was pretty ill the past two months, just drained and worn out from my unreasonably busy schedule the entire second semester of my last year in the apprenticeship. Because of that, even though I had no classes and only had the PV study group, I was pretty useless as far as most things go. I got up to go to work, and I did fine there, but after work I was a zombie, missing out on everything else. I missed two Solar NV meetings in that time, so to make it up I kinda went overboard this week.

Yesterday was the Green Business Mixer & Expo at the Springs Preserve. Since it was geared toward men and women in the business of renewables, I actually kinda dressed up beyond my frayed jeans and t-shirt that I'm using seen wearing. I didn't get crazy with it but I was looking girly and even somewhat fashionable. The entire event was held in the Ori-Gen room, and was smaller than I expected. Perhaps 15 booths presented, including Solar NV, and all had handouts and business cards and other little goodies, like CFLs and such. Costco presented and brought cookies! They suckered me into renewing my membership by reminding me how awesome Free Sample Sundays are. I'm so enamored with Sunflower and Whole Foods though that I think I'll reserve Costco for household items and preparation for massive family gatherings. I also wandered out to the farmer's market and found Ragen at a small table selling her prints. This is a girl I'd graduated from LVA with 12 years ago. (I know...depressing, isn't it?) I was really happy to see she hadn't given up her art...I swear, she has amazing talent. I bought a signed card but I think I'm going to look and see if I can get something a little bigger, and have it framed.

But I digress...back to the expo: I saw a few from Bombard Renewables, I saw Buntjer from the JATC, Snow was there, it was pretty cool. Everyone was happy about my license, and I got all the info for what I'm going to be doing Saturday night. That's right: if the best thing you have planned for a Saturday night is a solar shindig, there might be a problem. :)

No, really it's a renewable energy leadership awards banquet and fundraiser, with hors d’oeuvres and silent auction. It's going to be at this seriously posh golf course right off the Las Vegas Strip and my ticket cost almost $100 (so the dinner better be something to remember) and its semi-formal, which is not a happy thing. I'm socially inept and having to dress up isn't joyful because I'm certain I'll make an ass out of myself. But, I have a really nice dress, comfortable and not overdone, still have to get shoes & a purse, that'll be an adventure, but I think I'll be okay. The only thing I really worry about is the drinks...there will be alcohol and I like to have the occasional drink--ahem--with my fellow electricians and solar fiends but the owners of both my contractor and Bombard Renewables will be there, so if I drink more than one (or maybe even more than a half) I might get happy and friendly and wind up doing something idiotic that will guarantee a final paycheck on Monday. So let's hope otherwise!

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