17 August 2008


Completely disjointed, try to keep up. I'm tired and trying hard not to nap since I know if I do, I'll never get to sleep tonight.

I downloaded Frotz on my iPhone. T'was free, and even though it has close to 2 dozen interactive text-based fiction games embedded within it, I got it for one reason: Zork. I discovered that game when I was 12 or so and it was something I'd never encountered before. Keeps the imagination fresh. Note: if you download this yourself, try the silly commands; I suggest "take troll" or "talk to thief". Even "eat jewel-encrusted egg". Yeah, I know. I said they were silly.

I took a trip to Whole Foods today and found so many awesome items! A braid of sweetgrass, custom-cut handmade natural soaps, a pineapple-cilantro candle, organic wasabi ramen, beurre d'Isigny (AOC), cactus jerky, and finally: milk from Straus Family Creamery! I'd been looking for non-homogenised milk for years now, since we'd been in Europe and discovered it's superiority. I have high hopes for it!

I'd like to say a few things about Dina Titus, as I mentioned her in my last post, and in an earlier post a few years ago. After serving in Nevada's state senate (and after teaching political science for 30 years) she's now the Democratic nominee for Congress as a US Representative, 3rd District. I'll be honest that I don't know alot about her or her political views, but when she showed up to Crinis last night, she actually took time out to talk to me and others. It wasn't a "vote for me" spiel at all, but just an enthusiasm for Nevada's role in the photovoltaics arena. She seemed genuinely content to be there, and of course I'm bound to hear by others that she was just playing her part to win votes but if she was, she was doing a damn good job of hiding it. Besides, I'll attest to the fact that her stance on renewables is far clearer than her opponent in the race for Congress, incumbent Jon Porter. I once got an email from him about it and aside from contradicting himself the entire time, most of it was so muddled it was incoherent. But that's another story.

An ode to titanium-toe work boots: I forgot to post this last week, but right before break one morning my foreman and I were moving a pallet of basket-style cable tray from the forklift's drop-off point to our work area. There was a short ramp we had to guide the pallet onto, not too steep, but it was rather narrow so it was slow going for us. At one point, the ramp caved in; as I mentioned, it wasn't steep but I had been standing to the side of the load to help guide it and when the ramp collapsed, an edge of the pallet landed squarely on my foot. There was no pain but a distinct pressure and I couldn't remove my foot at all from underneath it until the load was lifted. I'd never really been in that situation to where I required that protection from work boots, but I'm certainly glad I had it when I needed it.

Yeah, I guess that's it...there are some other things, like what I learned about the Rroma or literally feeling energy in the circle or how I'm going to be 30 years old on Thursday or the many different peoples of Georgia or the lovely new scarf that Janeen got me from France...however perhaps instead I should give blogging a rest for today, and ponder a more light-hearted post in the next few days.

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