18 June 2007


I did an awful thing.

Most of you who know me are aware that I'm terrified of bugs of all kinds. Just too many legs or something. Anyway, the family was together for Father's Day and while I wasn't looking, my husband placed a plastic spider on my shoulder, and then feigned shock while pointing at it.

Now, it's said that in a moment of panic, one's true self emerges: I screamed, picked up the plastic spider and flung it at my brother's preggo girlfriend. I am like some kind of evil bitch, I swear...

As for Father's Day, it was great. My dad got his Wii, plus an extra controller and a nun-chuck addition. He was so stoked. Tannah helped him set it up, and they transfered Mii's, also. Even played it a little. It's cool because my mom and sister can play it, too. We also saw Tannah's family, and did Father's Day with them as well. Sometimes I hate holidays because of the hectic time constraints and sometimes I love them because everyone's in a laid-back mood. This was one I loved.

On a side-note, Tannah's cousin re-dyed my hair burgundy. Now all I need is the tattoo and I'll be reinvented. Yay for body modification!

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Martha said...

Whoa, I'll need a new photo of you!