13 June 2007

Just one year left.

In a sense, showing up to class tonight was kind of lame. The final exam was last week, and the final is always the easiest exam of the entire year. But Javier promised to bring us food, and of course one last night at Bonanza, so it wasn't comletely useless.

Honestly, I'm terrified. I'm not nearly ready. Just a year left for training? There's so much to learn yet. Every journeyman I've spoken to says he felt the same way at turning out, so what makes me different, any less qualified? Yeah, well, believe me. Gwynne is under the impression that I don't give myself enough credit, he's been asking me things to assess my skill, and he said I made a "pretty sharp four-bend saddle" but in reality it was so hideous I had to crush it and throw it out before anyone saw it. Yeah, if I'd tweaked it, it may have worked but I wasn't satisfied. He's told me that after the remodel he wants to get me into more conduit bending, switchgear, all that fun stuff. I'd like that.

But back to the point.

Javier showed up with pizza and soda, and that was cool of him, though I wish he'd brought tamales, and we went over our exam scores, then he met up with us at Bonanza and bought everyone a drink. Sweet. I had Guinness of course, and Ryan offered to buy me a shot of Patrón (my God is that smooth); I've been really trying to stick to one drink a night but hey, last night of fourth year. Mostly I sat with Sanj, Ryan, Theresa, Javier, Mark...anyway, a lot of guys from class, just bullshitting really. And it's odd, I'll have this bizarre little empty place once school's out for good. Nowhere to be for five hours a week. I've wanted to take classes at uni for awhile, I guess I can do that. I don't know, it's all strange.

And before I go, the thing that regally pissed me off: fifth year's been moved to Wednesday night. WEDNESDAY. This will be my fourth year on Wednesdays, I'm sick of it, now that I finally joined Solar NV I'll have to miss nearly every single meeting. Damn the luck.

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