04 June 2007


At about 09h30 today, Henry and Matt came to my work area and told my foreman to send me and my tools to Gwynne, a general foreman for the Venetian remodel. (I knew the transfer was coming, but I expected a little advance notice.) When I got down there, Gwynne paired me with Drew, and at that Drew (apparently) made foreman.

So aside from working four-10's, and not having to wear a hard hat, and working inside, and being allowed to wear my Converse All-Stars to work...as it turns out, Drew and I walk around with our radios looking important, flipping and resetting breakers all day. It's so sweet. One can only wonder how long that will last.

Now granted, there's some downtime. But that's been accounted for, and Gwynne already talked to Drew, so during slow times we go onto the floors and troubleshoot issues for the other crews. Further that, I got a small set of prints to look over, to familiarise myself with more than just basics: it's the first time I have ever read anything on the specifications. Luckily, Drew has no issue with teaching me, so I keep asking questions and if he can't answer them, we take "field trips" to find out. He seems exceedingly shy but also like if he came loose he'd be alot of fun.

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