07 June 2007

Back to Diversity...

Today after work, I got pierced again. Love it. A pretty strict healing regimen but hey, alot of it is common sense and just being clean. Very very happy.

I went right after work so I wouldn't lose my courage. I found out later that Tannah kind of wanted to be there, but by the time he called me, I was already on my way in to see the piercer, Jason. He was rather professional, and I loved that he had an apprentice, because as he was explaining to the apprentice, I was getting a better idea about what to expect. He marked me and laid me down, and I was so so nervous so I held the apprentice's hand--well, kind of crushed it--but it didn't hurt nearly so much as I thought it would. Sure, a few curse words were forced from me but I was suitably calmed.

And Sanj, I got the barbells. :)

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