24 June 2007


Quotes from Brent R. Goodin:

"Faith is characterized by an unconditional trust or confidence in something, whether it is inanimate or animate, abstract or concrete, physical or spiritual."

"Religion does not prerequisite trust; in fact it is much more than trust or a belief, but a way of life. Religion is the enactment of one's faith."

I think I like that alot. Faith and religion, to me, never really seemed to join flawlessly. There was always something keeping one from the other: zealotry, intolerance, misinterpretation, government, arrogance.....ad infinitum. It makes much more sense now; Logan used to say that religion was a virus, and I see his point. I'm not saying I'm abandoning my faith but honestly, it's frustrating, trying to find a home-church that feels right. Interesting enough, Tannah and I both liked l'Église Eau Vive but, aside from it being conducted in French, it's in France, so attending would be difficult. So we found another but...things changed. I don't know. And it irritates me that to so many, not attending church means we aren't "good" Christians.

When I wrote the subject of this post I meant it: I'm looking for thoughts, opinions, insight. Not "You're wrong, you're going to Hell, you're blasphemous" because that attitude wastes my time and it'll waste your time to write it when it's not going to be read. :)

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Martha said...

You might want to read Stop Dating the Church by Joshua Harris. It has some interesting thoughts on church.