05 February 2007

Two happies!!

I went to see Kingsley again. I asked him about my films showing a discrepancy in white matter changes and he looked exasperated. (Luckily, not at me.) He said it's really impossible to say that, since the films weren't compared. He said before I allow Dr. Brown to test for MS, before I put myself through the hell of a spinal tap, insist the films be compared. He also said he doesn't think it's migraines or epilepsy at all, he thinks it's all related to the APS, and he wants to bring my case up to Hematology Board for review, to possibly have me put on Coumadin. I hope so; Coumadin would increase my risk with injury on the jobsite but if the rest of my issues clear up, it's worth it. I'll find out in May.

Also, I recieved a package from Aunt Debbie and Uncle Leroy in France! It made my day. Inside was a letter, a few Carambars, and three magazines to practice my reading comprehension: 20 Minutes, Métro and Courrier International. I keep meaning to send them goodies. I don't know if it slips my mind or what, exactly, but I really should. It's so awesome to gets packages in the mail. Maybe I should mail off my sister's too.

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