18 February 2007

Fear and Loafing in Las Vegas.

Interesting service at church...Corey Levitan of the Review-Journal appeared as a guest speaker. Every week he takes suggestions for a job he can take for a week, very much Des Bishop-style, really. This week, apparently he came as a pastor. He says he wrote to over 300 places of worship and he got only one reply back: that from Community Lutheran.
At the end he apologised and said he hopes he did it right, being that he was Jewish (though not practising). I think he did fine. He covered the material and made some good points. I think it's excellent that he can look beyond his own beliefs, as a person, and we can look beyond our own beliefs as a church. I hate that some think religion is like an exclusive club, and non-members are to be avoided. Once I see the story about his "job" as a pastor, I'll post the links.

And tonight Tannah and I are going to meet with Mada and his new girlfriend. So far she's fine by me: she likes dark chocolate. That's a plus right there.

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