20 February 2007

Nauseated and exhausted.

Last President's Day I had to work at Cherry, for Red Rock. It was great, since I got double-time...in fact, I got paid double-time for the whole weekend, which amounted to an excellent paycheck. But I thought of it as a milestone: I'd just gone back to the field, and was thinking about what next President's Day would bring.

Too bad I'm too horrendously ill this year to enjoy it. Didn't get paid for yesterday (being a union-sanctioned holiday) and had to take today off, which doubly-sucks since I had already RSVP'ed to a company dinner tonight, and I'll have to cancel. There's no way I can attend, I can't keep anything down for more than an hour. Not even Pepto, or water.

I'm halfway thinking it was because of the food at the shithole we went to when we met with Mada and his girl. It was a bar (and you all know my love for bar food), and the lights weren't really working, and it was just...not the greatest place, really. I like Mada's girlfriend; aside from liking dark chocolate, she prefers no ice in her drinks. Right on. But really, she seemed nice, and open, and real. And Mada was happy, which is all that really matters.

I got sick later that night. Mada got sick Monday, and Tannah today. The only think we had in common was the food at the bar. Ick. I'm never going there again.

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