06 February 2007

Full day and...

It's been a long time since I've participated in a wire pull. I think we had a few major ones as a first year, and a couple minor ones and the bowling alley at Sunset Station. So yeah, I'm not exactly a master. But then, a monkey can pull wire.

Nineteen 12-gauge wires in a two-inch pipe, 280-foot run. Not only must the wire reels be set up on jack stands, but everything must be labelled properly. The head has to be made up, and it's got to be strong, sturdy. Teams have to be coordinated: everyone must know their task, and we all had radios to communicate in case of a snag, lost wire, fallen reel...anything, really. We started initial set up right before break, and were ready to pull right before lunch...it took close to four hours to set up. Unbelievable. But if it needs to be done correctly, it takes time.

The funny part is that it took less than a half-hour to actually complete the pull. How's that for irony? (That's really usually how it goes, I think. But I always find it funny anyway.)

We heard about a few deaths at City Center today. Apparently carpenters were working on moving a form for a wwall, or maybe the wall itself. (Having not been there, I really don't know.) The foreman was called away from securing it, and I guess everyone thought it had been checked, so when the crane lifted it, it wound up falling and crushing two guys, killing them instantly, and critically injuring two others. I remember working on that kind of thing at the Wynn, as a second year, huddling as I worked, as if that would make me a smaller target if the crane dropped the wall being positioned only feet away from me. Crazy how that works.

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