08 February 2007


Acme does payday on Thursdays, and since the WRF (Water Reclamation Facility, or "Shit Plant" as the guys like to call it) is right down the street from Sunset Station, alot of guys from the crew go to the Costa del Sol Oyster Bar there are grab dinner. (They also cash their checks at the casino cage but I'd rather just deposit mine in the bank...I've seen guys I work with lay down $100 for roulette or craps, or even video poker and lose it in fifteen minutes. I won't even tempt myself.)

So anyway, I decided to go today and lo and behold....it was closed for construction. Santi was devastated, he lives for Thursdays. It was my first time so I was dissapointed too, but I didn't know what I was missing, either.

The guys cashed their checks and we stood around the casino's center bar and had drinks while we tried to come up with a plan. Santi was buying drinks, so I had a Guinness. For some bizarre reason, they all told me Guinness was a "man's drink" and nearly every guy on the crew commented in surprise when they saw me with it. I don't get it. They said they all expected me to get a cocktail. I would have; I'm a die-hard fan for Grey Goose and cranberry, but a cocktail at a Station Casino would run upwards of $10, I'm sure. I really don't need it that badly.

We decided on Hooters. That was kind of a dissapointment in itself. I mean, it's bar food. It can't be that great. Sure the waitresses all wear little tiny shirts and such, and they all have nice bodies...but that's it. I'm paying neighbourhood grille prices for seedy bar food, just to see, well, hooters. Wasn't impressed.

The only thing that made it worthwhile was the dialogue between Neph and Santi over the girl serving our table. They kept trying to outdo one another in an effort to get her phone number. After we pooled our money for the meal, sant took it and said loudly to her, "I got it", implying he was paying for all of us. He even patted her hand as he gave it to her and said "There's a little something in there for you, too." We laughed, and Neph chimed in with, "Thanks, Dad", which got us laughing harder.

Maybe next Thursday I'll learn the joy of Costa del Sol's Linguine and Clams...

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