24 February 2007

My gallon pin!

I had talked to Dr. Kingsley about donating blood the last time I saw him, and he said there wasn't a problem, so off I went to give the gift of life.

I love donating blood. I wish I could do it every week. I've given single and double pints, and I've even tried apheresis but my vein collapsed. I mean aside from knowing you're helping someone, there's free juice and cookies, and the neon-bright bandage you get to wear is so damn sexy.

I went through my interview and all went well; I even told them about the APS but the Kingsley had said it was fine. So I get to the machine and twice I clotted it up. They actually told me to take an aspirin before I donate next time. I found that hilarious. I wonder if that's something I should mention at my next appointment? Either way, aside from juice and cookies, I got my gallon pin. That so rocks: a gallon of my blood is flowing in someone else's circulatory system. I love it.

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