10 December 2006


I got this, and just this, in an e-mail from Logan:



I mean really...I can honestly say either someone got into his account or he's been smoking something interesting.

In other news, we saw TSO tonight, my tiniest sister's first "grown-up" concert. (She saw the Wiggles and stuff a few years ago.) As always, very Christian, and it puts me in a proper mood for Christmas. We were lucky to have Anna Phoebe again, I was really happy about that too. This year Adam came with us, and he really liked it, though it was at the Orleans and not at the Aladdin, because the Aladdin (having far-superiour acoustics) is being remodeled to the Planet Hollywood. And yes, we did go to Geisha House, the one we always go to, and it was nice. They changed the ambiance so it was...not the same. But not bad.

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