20 December 2006

Having fun but it's a tower.

So close to holidays, I've completely lost motivation. Most of the shopping is done, it's cold, the Palms has Christmas-themed decorations up and when we go into the food court for lunch it just feels...laid-back. And what makes it worse is that after the New Year, we'll probably go to 10-hour days...I'm just not a fan of working more than a 40 hour week. That's okay though. I should just stay in the moment.

One thing that sucks about towers is it is extremely repetative. There aren't any changes except perhaps the last floor or so, where the suites are. There are pretty good snags starting out, the first few floors, and then nothing but going off memory for the rest. It gets to the point you don't even need the prints, actually. I already have layout down. Just some of the roping I forget. But it's all there in the Bible.

We're having serious issues now, trying to catch up. We still aren't of the 8th floor...and that's the one we started on. Back in the 13th. And we're supposed to done with a floor a week. Part of it is that no one is following a set of rules. It's all being roped differently, and I came up with a method to mount the boxes for the bathtubs quite awhile ago...however, it's a little awkward, and no one wanted to do it that way. So they did it their own ways, and one day we came in to work and all but mine were torn out, and had to be redone. It interfered with the plumbing. I mean, if we had something to keep it all uniform, it would go much more smoothly. Maybe everyone just needs time to adapt. After all, I've never come in at the begining of a tower. Maybe this is just how it is.

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