13 December 2006

Now at the Palms.

It's almost funny, I can hardly keep track of where I've worked recently. But that's fine, it could be worse. I could be unemployed, waiting for the Committee to get involved.

So anyway, I got the notice to appear at the Palms...I can't express how elated I am. The Paris job was awful. It didn't have to be; I liked most of the people I was working with. I couldn't stand Bombay, the arrogant fool that he is, and I further hated that I was the only one chipping concrete on a daily basis. Breathing in the marble and concrete dust too, and the black mold particles, definitely didn't help. So when Tito told me I was being transferred, I couldn't help but smile for the rest of the day, and...well, I have quite the rude streak in me, so I did my best to irritate Bombay at every chance presented to me. I was talking to another apprentice about meeting up at the Palms today and he told me to get my shit and leave. I didn't even acknowledge him. I kept talking, knowing there wasn't a damn thing he could do. He just stood there, staring at me. As soon as he turned away, I began getting my tools together, and that's when he stood behind me, likely watching to see if I took any company tools with me. I let him watch me but I went so slowly, inspecting each tool and sighing repeatedly. Is it wrong I had so much fun?

Three of us got transferred to the Palms: an apprentice named Jorge, a journeyman named John (but he goes by Sharkey), and me. Oddly enough, Sharkey and I went to middle school together. We didnt know each other, as we had different circles of friends, but I remember the name. It turns out Jorge went to the deck crew, and Sharkey and I went to the rough-in crew. He seems pretty okay as a journeyman; we'll see, I guess.

When I got onsite, I was ready for my drug test. I'd had like two cups of tea and a bottle of water before leaving the house, so by the time I arrived to the orientation area, I was ready to go. I mean, ready. All three of us waited for a good 20 minutes before a few workers (who had already started on their work day) told us we had to meet at the trailer. I love when transfer slips are outdated...at least I wasn't the only one. So, another half hour outside the trailer, and no one could find the keys. I was really hurting at that time but knew if I alleviated some bladder pressure I wouldn't be able to properly take the drug test. I wound up waiting another hour, through the entire orientation meeting, before I asked when we were getting tested, and it turns out this site doesn't do drug testing. I could have cried. Really.

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