03 December 2006

St. Andrews Night

St. Andrews' is traditionally celebrated in Scotland on 30 November, but that was a Thursday, and Adam's birthday was Friday, and then we went out with him Saturday...so I had my family over on Sunday.

Bastille Day is far easier to prepare for: I don't know if just French food is more prevelant here or what, but I was having such a hard time finding recipes I could make with foods and ingredients found here. There's plenty of recipes for soup, but my dad tends to think of soup as an appetizer, rather than a meal in itself. Therefore I made steak with Drambuie sauce. I think Drambuie is perhaps the most awesome alcoholic beverage, ever. The Scots certainly know how to do it right.

I was nervous, as I always am when trying a new recipe, and I think the Drambuie sauce needed a bit more cream perhaps, but my family did enjoy it. I also played them a version of "Scotland the Brave", and explained to my sister the signifigance of that song, and how St. Andrews Night relates to her (our) heritage. I can't tell if she didn't quite understand what I meant, or if she just was more interested in other things to care. After all, she is only six.

It felt good, honouring the Scottish aspect of my culture, especially after the talk I had with my dad. I felt really liberated in so many ways. I told them about Edinburgh Castle and being awestruck at viewing the Royal Honours, and reminiscing with Tannah on the wynds and pipers and the kilt factory, and the lovely honey-scented yoghurt...

My family wants to go , now, to Scotland. I hope they do. I can't wait to show them around. :)

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