17 December 2006

Pretty cool deal here.

So, it's been a week. Sharkey is a great journeyman. He teaches, he's patient, and he's fun to be around. I missed that so much. There's nothing better than being able to laugh on the job. It makes life great. Our foreman's name is Trevor. We swear he's a tweaker, he's like a little hummingbird: flitting from place to place, talking so fast he actually stumbles over his own words. He keeps making us aware he just started as foreman, so that when we have a question he can't answer, we just know we should try to wing it. The thing is, though, that so many of our crew aren't doing anything, at all. They just kind of stare listlessly and wonder.

The crew is divided into teams, each team to a room. The main problem was that we had no suitable prints. There were tags on the floor, and all the boxes laid out, but no elevations. Or direction as to which boxes would be connected together. Some boxes weren't present at all, and we didn't know if just ours were missing, or it had been deleted, or...

Very frustrating. However Sharkey stood back and looked objectively, and tackled one thing at a time. We actually went through it logically, and got quite a bit done, except for questioning the missing boxes and some connections. The layout foreman, James, seemed pretty impressed and bestowed upon Sharkey and me his "Bible"...the complete prints and layout plans. It showed us everything we needed. And finally, we could really get on it. (It turns out that Trevor was supposed to give everyone on the crew a Bible, but he hadn't gotten to it yet. He's nice but kind of spacy.) So James was helpful, and he was also patient with me, taking time to explain things to be separately so that I'd actually know what I was doing, instead of just imitating my journeyman. I really like him.

It turns out that, also on site, are Wes Wynn and Dan Gouker. I worked with Wes at Red Rock, and Dan used to be the director of the JATC. They're both good to me. I love coming to a new jobsite and actually knowing people. So things are great, I'm happy at this job...I mean, it is a tower but I'm liking the people so much, it's worth it. Unfortunately I missed a class last month and had to leave early to make it up...I'm sure that looks great to the foreman. But Marcel left too, so maybe it'll be overlooked. I'll just have to bust ass to make it up.

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