07 December 2006

Good sentiment.

Totally copied from a friend, who I'm not sure wants to be credited with this or not:

"If after watching the news and reading the papers, learning about children starving to death or being beaten by their own parents; wives and husbands being abused by their own spouses and turning against each other, using their children as pawns; boys and girls being forced into prostitution and overlooked as our society wishes to pretend it "doesn't happen here;" people losing their jobs over what they write in their journals and for what church they do - or do not - go to; children killing children and selling drugs to elementary school students; kids having sex at younger and younger ages, WANTING to get pregnant at 12, 13, 14, and thinking it's okay to wear skirts that show their rear ends and pants that hang down to their knees; parents who think children with mental illnesses should "just get over it" and don't care if they're out until 2 in the morning doing God-knows-what; and the entire world focused on lies and deception as well as crying out to each other that we just don't care about anyone except for us, you still believe that the problem that is the worst in this world is what parts happen to be in the pants - or skirt - of two consenting adults in a loving and consenting relationship, you, my friend, are part of one of the world's biggest problem, and as long as you live, you will never find a solution."

Rock on.

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