12 December 2006

Meh...feeling blank.

December this year is pretty stressful. Last year things were so incredibly fucked up that this year, both Tannah and I keep thinking this is our first Christmas as a married couple...insane, isn't it? It is our first christmas in this house, so maybe that's contributing. Just...I know we're spending way too much, in years past we could really go all-out for gifts and this year we can't. I'm not working time, we have way more bills (including medical which I still haven't paid!) and also, I see baby toys and stuff and think of Gabriel. It's aggravating.

Possies because I need them:
1. Thai tea
2. Taro tea
3. Tannah's patience
4. Our doggy
5. Got transferred today
6. God
7. Logan...even though he can be an ass he listens
8. Friends who understand me (and accept me too)
9. My family
10. I got a raise

1 comment:

Useless Man said...

Interesting that you put your raise as #10. Clearly money is not your main motivator. That says a lot about your character.

Which leads me to this question: Can I borrow $10?

PS - thanks for linking our site. Send a question some time. We're useless without them.