30 June 2006

Topped off!

Today was kind of lazy, and that was nice. I always like topping out parties, everyone's in a good mood. I remember at the Wynn (when it was still called Le Rêve) it was at the beginning of April, and a cool misty rain was falling. We got hats, shirts, tri-tips...it was a good day. Today it was hot but not stifling, and we got long-sleeved shirts, which was a nice change. Ribs and chicken, no steak....kind of a disappointment. But it's okay. really, because I've been doing this "lemon cleanse for almost a week now: nothing by mouth except distilled water and this fresh, organic lemonade. I lost all hunger after about the second day, and although it's not about weight loss for me (I'm having some renal issues) I've still lost 12 pounds so far.

So anyway, Little John and I ran some power up to the 20th floor for the iron workers, and for the elevator trades. We also ran stringers for the stairway even though Safety Dara told me not to be on there, since it hadn't been poured. But we accomplished our goal and right after lunch the guys started signing the Final Beam, which had already been painted white. That's what topping out is: the final structural beam put into place, basically signifying that the structure is halfway complete. Someone carefully mounted an American flag onto the beam and secured it, and the tell-tale "Christmas tree"...which was pretty small but hey, the only people to really see or understand it would be the workers, anyway.

So, it was good to be there for the ceremony, but I didn't stick around for the party. It was nice to get home at a normal time, for once. Now we're just looking forward to having this place open for business in about 6 months.

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