27 June 2006

Not a job, a training assignment.


I was just informed that, as an apprentice, I don't have the right to turn down scheduled overtime, even if that means upwards of 100 hours a week. This is because as an apprentice, I'm not employed, per se: I don't have a job, I have a training assignment, and therefore employment laws don't apply. I've researched online about it and it seems to be true but a journeyman at work said I should check with the labour board, because the union likes to talk big sometimes, and stretch the truth, thinking you won't have the guts to challenge it. So I might. I don't mind working the occasional overtime (working a weekend literally doubles my paycheck) but I do have a life. And responsibilities after work, and school.

I guess I like my choice in career enough...it pays really well and I'm learning alot. I like most of who I work with, including guys from some other trades. I feel capable most of the time, and I know that even though I'm not as knowledgable about the electrical trade as I could be right now, it'll come, in time. Really, I just have to keep Ohm's Law in mind and the multipliers for conduit bending and with a little hands-on, I'll be okay. But...I don't know, maybe it's the shift, or the jobsite, or my foreman, but I'm just not liking where I am right now. Not to say I'm not grateful to the J.A.T.C. and to my contractor for working with me last year, but still...it doesn't mean I have to like the current conditions.

I can't wait for rotation.

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