17 June 2006

A little milestone

Yesterday was Tannah's 27th birthday. Odd to that that a year ago, we found that our lives had changed, never to be as we knew them again. Interesting, that.

Today we invited family and friends over for his birthday, and to kind show everyone the house. We are officially unpacked enough for our home to like, well, like a home, but still enough to unpack that the garage is a clusterfuck. My parents still haven't "officially" seen it; my dad is graduating with his Master's degree this weekend and my parents are in Florida for the commencement ceremony. So they get to come over next Saturday, if all goes well. (Tomorrow or Monday Changu and Unchu-Imo will be here...yay!)

Anyway, I made a bad call in estimation for how much food we needed. We have a dozen hamburgers left, a dozen brats (all of which we will save for next weekend), almost a whole sheet of cake, a pint of lychee sorbet, and two bottles of apfelschorle. What I ran out of was salsa casera (I made a ton...I love it but it takes like two hours to dice it all up so fine) and the salad Aunt Debbie taught me to make in France. It was funny...Tannah tasted the dressing last night while I was making it and sighed, and said, "This tastes like France." Just two more years.

I do feel bad because my brother didn't have a ride over. I would have gotten him but I was working, and I guess no one else knew he needed a ride or whatever, so by the time I got home there wasn't time to get him and now it's after 22h30 and I'm just about ready to sleep. I mean, they all just left like twenty minutes ago. I really don't mean to exclude my brother, and of course I don't want to, but coordinating rides is so difficult. He sounded upset on the phone, too. Hopefully he can come over next weekend...

Il y avait un problème la nuit passée. Je ne sais pas s'il était quelque chose de interne ou pas. Je souhaite que j'aie su. Je suis inquiétée parce que Logan m'a montré sa boîte. La boîte spéciale qu'il maintient dans son bureau. Il m'a dit de se rappeler ce que j'ai vu. Il semble comme s'il a voulu quelque chose. Peut-être il a voulu que je l'encourageât, ou peut-être il recherchait un signe. Je ne sais jamais de ce qu'il a besoin de moi. Je veux le comprendre, je veux comprendre son monde mais il est jusqu'ici parti. Je me sens triste pour lui, et désespérément perdue.

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sparklypixie said...

Tell Tannah happy birthday for me!
Apfelschorle... yum. I had some again when I was in Germany, it was great, I had completely forgotten about it.
What's the salad my mom taught you to make?