08 June 2006


I can't wait for ロコロコ....

I did something totally different tonight for dinner: German food. I'm partial to Bavarian as far as that goes, but I made some Apfelwurst and knödel, and even though we had croissants (not-German) we didn't have brie, so it kind of evened out.

I don't have alot to say. Topping out for Red Rock Tower, Phase 2 is June 30th, and that's good. But really I'm just tired. Thinking about getting a Xanga account. Not much else going on...
Wait...! Yes, there was something. An irritant. Today some of the guys at work were talking about movies they'd seen. One said he got Me, Myself, & Irene for the family to watch. I have to say I really have a problem with that movie, it unfairly and unrealistically depicts those with Dissociative Identity Disorder. And I do give it slack, since it is supposed to be a comedy...but that's like giving slack to a movie that tries to portray forced child marriages as comedy. It's just not. So anyway, some of the guys started making fun of the disorder...the ones who didn't insist it was the "medically-explained bullshitter's disease". I know it's a little-understood disorder and it can honestly seem a little odd or creepy to some not familiar with it, but I'm sure schizophrenia (which is NOT the same) was once looked at in the same manner. Education, people! I mean, really, does anyone make fun of Morgellons Disease? It's rare, unexplained, and yet it does exist.

Whatever. Sometimes when a bunch of guys get together you just can't try reason, they're too busy laughing at their own wit.

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